Transcript and Video Production

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Who will do Post-Assignment Transcripts/Production?

Expedite will not be responsible for the production of post-assignment orders of transcripts/videos; therefore, will not receive a percentage of what the provider bills for transcripts/videos. However, we have teamed up with, a transcript production company with 33 years of experience. With SmartDeps, you’ll get free premium support, lightning-fast service, a simple-to-use website and super affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. CHECK THEM OUT! So now there are THREE options for production:​

1) The Provider can work with to handle the production component. View pricing and services.
2) The Provider can produce the transcripts on their own.
3) The Provider may ask the agency with which they are affiliated to produce the transcripts/videos. ​

In the case of the provider producing the transcripts/videos on their own, they are entitled to keep 100% of billing. In the case of the provider producing transcripts/video through their agency, the agency will be entitled to their standard commission structure.

How does the attorney know what I will charge for post-production?

They do not know what you will charge for post-production until they receive the invoice for the post-production component, minus the appearance fee.

Expedite was designed to connect attorneys with legal support services available in the immediate vicinity. The providers (litigation support professionals) will receive a push notification for assistance. If you choose to ‘Accept’ an assignment, you will cover the job. The attorney is prompted to pay for the ‘appearance fees only’ upon job completion. If the attorney orders the transcript/video, the provider may give an estimate. This is all handled outside the Expedite platform.

It is best to do your due diligence in your market area and charge accordingly. If you decide to charge rates not in accordance with your geographic location, the attorney has the right to report you to Expedite and your services through the platform may be suspended or revoked. Please review Terms of Use for further explanation.

Options for post-production component:
The provider may COD the client, ask for 50% up front or run the production component through a trusted agency in the area. Many professionals have established relationships with firms and this option might be preferable. In the end, the job is covered and the provider picked up an extra assignment in their backyard.

How far in advance will jobs be available?

Customers currently have two options to post jobs:

1. Now jobs – Providers are expected to arrive as soon as possible.
2. Today jobs – Providers are expected to arrive and start at specified time that day.