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If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the time-consuming phone-tree debacle when scheduling last-minute legal support services. You’ve probably wondered if there’s a better, more simple way to secure competent, readily available providers.

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As the owner of a successful court reporting business over the last two decades, Eve Barrett experienced the pain of a constantly moving calendar and was determined to find a total solution. Eve’s commitment to her clients’ best interests, as well as knowledge of the benefits of true independence for legal support providers, led her to create Expedite.

​Mobile technologies are now pervasive. They are convenient and transparent. In early 2017, Eve conceived the idea of an on-demand mobile platform for the legal industry where attorneys, paralegals and various legal support providers could join, connect and thrive. It would be a platform where members could find the guidance and support necessary to successfully move to a flexible business model.

A Team was Formed and Expedite
Launched in April of 2018

Our community is growing quickly, and we are incorporating the continuous feedback so Expedite will be an invaluable resource for attorneys, paralegals, court reporters, and other legal services providers. Expedite’s mission is to eliminate inefficiencies in the legal industry. Our goal is to increase productivity and profitability for everyone. Expedite strives to offer the most competent legal support service providers available in the immediate vicinity. We do this by capitalizing on the latest available mobile technologies, properly vetting our members, incorporating a reciprocal five-star rating system, and monitoring transactions within the app.

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 Meet Our Team!

At Expedite, our goal is to serve you. We have put together a team of experts that have your best interests at heart!


Eve Barrett, Founder and CEO of Expedite

Eve J. Barrett is CEO and Founder of Expedite, a platform that connects attorneys with court reporters and other legal service providers on demand. She also created Scoof, a companion app that allows court reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to meet up, team up, and produce perfect transcripts. Prior to Expedite, Eve founded Barrett Court Reporting, a boutique court reporting firm located in Tampa Bay, Florida where she grew an elite clientele list. Eve received her court reporting degree in 1999 from Tennessee Career College, Nashville. Upon graduation, she began her career working in the civil court division, as well as reporting various other aspects of litigation. Eve is a proud veteran with a distinguished career in the United States Army. Honors received include: Soldier of the Quarter, Texas; Soldier of the Year, Germany; Distinguished Honor Graduate and Iron Sergeant of the Cycle at Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medals, the Good Conduct Medal, and the National Defense Medal. Eve is a recognized speaker on Legal Tech issues. She is also an avid marathoner and three-time worldwide Ironman finisher. Eve Barrett – LinkedIn

Jim Barrett, COO of Expedite

As Chief Operating Officer with Expedite, Jim oversees Expedite’s business operations. He is proficient in all aspects of quality assurance and customer service with the Expedite platform. Jim’s legal industry expertise stems from his experience with the operations component of Barrett Court Reporting over the last 15 years. His technological skill set has elevated Barrett Court Reporting’s profile to be recognized as one of the top boutique firms in the country. As a retired Sergeant First Class with the U.S. Army, Jim was stationed all over the world and served on many deployments. This military experience translates to leadership and business savvy, as Jim focuses on the mission, gives nothing less than 100% effort, and leads with integrity. These attributes have served him well in all facets of his life, but especially in his role with Expedite. Jim Barrett – LinkedIn

Michael Weston, CTO of Expedite

Michael started his own technology consultancy company over 15 years ago and has developed numerous mobile and web applications across various industries. Michael has worked as technology lead and a business technology analyst for various companies, including Alpha Software, a platform development software company. He graduated summa cum laude from CUNY in New York in 1995. Prior to forming his own technology consultancy company, Michael was a technical sales director for wireless sales companies for 7 years at Enfora and Novatel Wireless (NVTL). Michael is an avid music lover, regularly performs with the Asheville Symphony Chorus, and is a member of the Asheville Lyric Opera. He is also a seasoned trumpet player. With Michael’s wide range of experience in the technology space, he is regularly called upon as a consultant for companies looking for technology advice and application development analysis. Michael Weston – LinkedIn

Pete Blum, Marketing Director

Pete is a Navy and Marine veteran with a voice and a passion for helping others to be successful. After serving 11 honorable years in the military, he transitioned from being a United States Marine to an Information Technology professional and a community leader in Tampa, Florida. He enjoys training people on a variety of topics so they can be more successful. His passion is helping transitioning veterans build a brand, network, find a new career, or start a business. Pete Blum – LinkedIn 

Lucas Peterson, Chief Strategy Officer

Lucas has been immersed in the legal industry for over a decade.  His ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology allows him to streamline processes and recognize opportunities. As a podcast host, gig-economy entrepreneur, and social media expert, Lucas networks on an elevated level. He is an information technology professional in Dallas, Texas. Lucas enjoys mentoring, advising, and supporting his community so that they may be more productive in their careers. Lucas Peterson – LinkedIn 

Henry Karasch, IV, Goal Coach

Henry is a Goal Coach and he’s been working in the coaching arena over the last 8 years.  He helps motivated individuals to set and accomplish there next big goal! Over the last decade he has lived in the US, Chile, Australia, and Indonesia. His home base is currently in St. Petersburg, FL. Technology has allowed him to work effectively with highly unique individuals and resources from all over the world. Enabling his Clients to have the cutting edge, clarity, and support they need to realize their biggest goals in the most expedited way possible! Henry Karasch, IV – LinkedIn