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If you’re like us, you’ve experienced the time-consuming phone-tree debacle when scheduling last-minute legal support services. You’ve probably wondered if there’s a better, more simple way to secure competent, readily available providers.

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As the owner of a successful court reporting business over the last two decades, Eve Barrett experienced the pain of a constantly moving calendar and was determined to find a total solution. Eve’s commitment to her clients’ best interests, as well as knowledge of the benefits of true independence for legal support providers, led her to create Expedite.

​Mobile technologies are now pervasive. They are convenient and transparent. In early 2017, Eve conceived the idea of an on-demand mobile platform for the legal industry where attorneys, paralegals and various legal support providers could join, connect and thrive. It would be a platform where members could find the guidance and support necessary to successfully move to a flexible business model.

A Team was Formed and Expedite
Launched in April of 2018

Our community is growing quickly, and we are incorporating the continuous feedback so Expedite will be an invaluable resource for attorneys, paralegals, court reporters and other legal service providers. Expedite’s mission is to eliminate inefficiencies in the legal industry. Our goal is to increase productivity and profitability for everyone. Expedite strives to offer the most competent legal support service providers available in the immediate vicinity. We do this by capitalizing on the latest-available mobile technologies, properly vetting our members, incorporating a reciprocal five-star rating system and monitoring transactions within the app.

With Expedite, you click, connect and capitalize on competent coverage