Tired of only making $80 on any given job? We bet you are. What if we told you that for the same job on Expedite, you could earn $300? Sounds crazy, right? Well, we are doing it!

When notified about a last-minute job, you need to get ready, pack all your equipment, drive to the courthouse and set up. Sometimes the drive to the courthouse takes longer than the actual job itself! Many times, it hardly seems worth it.

Reporters on the Expedite platform have spoken, and we listened! We love receiving input and appreciate the support you offer to make Expedite a better resource for everyone.

We’ve taken dramatic action to shake up this industry for everyone’s benefit.
Starting immediately, court reporters can earn three times more with Expedite!
Let me explain how.

Your services can be requested in three different ways:

NOW! jobs mean someone forgot to book a court reporter or the previously scheduled reporter failed to show. People are waiting for you to arrive as a record is necessary to memorialize the proceedings! Whether the proceedings run 15 minutes or 2 hours, Expedite charges a 2-hour minimum of $250, PLUS a $50 “Premium NOW” fee, for a total of $300. Starting immediately, court reporters receive 80% of the $300 charge.

But, wait, there’s more! You can earn more by referring Expedite to other legal service providers. When you send your personalized referral code found within the app to other providers and they complete the sign-up/verification process, you keep 100 percent of the appearance fee on your next job. With just one referral credit, instead of $240, (80%), you keep $300! The entire appearance fee goes to your bank account. Expedite keeps nothing.

With TODAY jobs, you’ll usually have a window of time before your services are needed later that day. Whether the proceedings run 15 minutes or 2 hours, Expedite charges $250 for a 2-hour minimum. Court reporters now keep $100 an hour (80%). But if you refer another provider to Expedite, you will keep 100% of the appearance fee, turning a 2-hour TODAY job into a $250 deposit into your bank account.

FUTURE jobs mean someone wants to schedule your services tomorrow or any date in the future. These jobs are $100 an hour with a 2-hour minimum. Remember, if you refer someone to Expedite, the appearance fee is yours to keep 100 percent. With a referral, that $100 an hour becomes $100 an hour.

This is pretty crazy, right? We think the valuable services you provide are worth it.
We have been doing our research here at Expedite over the last few months. Based on data collected from previous jobs, 25% of job requests go longer than the initially-requested time. At least 25% of the time, that 2-hour job turns into a 3-hour job, resulting in more money for the reporters. Additional hours for NOW and TODAY jobs are billed at $125 an hour; Future jobs, $100 an hour.

Additionally, we estimate that 55% of jobs in Florida booked through Expedite result in a transcript order. With Expedite, court reporters get to keep 100% of the post-production component. With these statistics, it’s very easy to see how accepting a 2-hour job request can quickly convert into a $600 opportunity!

The Expedite vision is to raise the rates AND the bar for court reporters across the nation. We’re disrupting the current model, and by doing so, court reporters receive more and attorneys receive better service.

Do you need more of an incentive to try Expedite! If so, let us know what it is!