Happy New Year from Expedite! We’re honored to include you among our progressive early adopters.

As a special holiday gift designed specifically for you, we have just launched the highly-anticipated update to Expedite. In response to overwhelming requests, we have incorporated the following new features:

  • Request available Providers within a 60-mile radius.
  • Request Providers based on star ratings, responsiveness ratings and number of jobs successfully completed within Expedite.
  • Text notifications AND in-app notifications that alert you when a Provider accepts your job request.
  • ‘Favorite’ a Provider. Upon completion of a job, you can now rate AND ‘Favorite’ a Provider. That Favorited Provider’s profile will be saved and you will find them on the map in subsequent searches.
  • Order transcripts instantly through stored invoices.

And in January, we are launching the web portal version of Expedite, which will allow anyone, anywhere, anytime access to Expedite through any device! This was created in response to YOUR feedback.

Expedite is a first-to-market concept in the legal field. We launched in April of 2018 in the Tampa Bay Area and we’re rapidly gaining traction and momentum.  To kick things off in 2019, we are rolling out to Los Angeles, California, and Houston, Texas.

Expedite has automated the antiquated scheduling processes within the industry. Expedite provides in-app notifications, text notifications, email confirmations, in-app customer/provider communications, Google calendar syncing, in-app invoicing, and an on-line payment system.

Expedite was designed to streamline resources utilizing today’s technology.

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As an added bonus, we just overhauled the website, www.expedite.legal. Check it out!  We have incorporated a comprehensive FAQ section for Customers, complete with short, but fun, Tutorial videos that demonstrate how Expedite streamlines your workflow.  While you’re there, catch up on past Facebook “Five-Minute Fridays” and read our informative blogs.


Cheers to a bountiful 2019!