We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Beth Bentley, a paralegal from Reeser & Zdravko, LLC, in Palm Harbor, Florida. Beth has over 23 years of experience as a paralegal and was an early adopter of Expedite. Reeser & Zdravko, LLC, is a small, but busy practice that specializes in family law.

Here are some of the highlights of our Q&A session with Beth.

What was your first experience with Expedite like?
Expedite has really come in handy for a lot of different areas for scheduling reporters at hearings or depositions. It was amazing the first time. I received a call from an attorney in the courtroom who needed a court reporter scheduled at the last minute. I clicked on the app and was able to view available court reporters that were located near the courthouse. I found one right away, communicated with them through the app, and they arrived at the courthouse minutes later.

Tell us what you like most about Expedite.
I love the fact that once you find the court reporter, you can track them right on the app and know when they will arrive. I can communicate this information directly to all parties in the courtroom, and the hearing can proceed without any additional delays.

What was the attorney’s overall reaction to the process?
It was very good. He was pleased. They had met for the first time that day, but everything worked out. The court reporter arrived on time and was extremely professional. Expedite has provided a solution to an age-old problem.

Would you recommend Expedite to others?
Absolutely. Not every case is scheduled out. To have something available when it is needed at the last minute is great. It really helps on my end to fulfill the attorney’s needs. Everyone should be using it! Technology is the way everything is going and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already with the services Expedite provides.

We recently added a feature that will allow you to schedule future jobs through Expedite. Do you think you will use that feature?
I haven’t used it yet, but absolutely intend to. I have a hearing next month that I’ll schedule court reporters for using the Expedite app.